“I Started Posing For My Neighbor As She Kept Recording Me Everyday For No Reason”

Having a good neighbour is vital to have a peaceful environment. In this story however these siblings were facing a granny as their neighbour to be a bit of a pain in the a**. Read the story and let us know how you would handle the situation.

Source: Reddit

My dad passed away recently and he left me (26M) and my sister (31f) his house. It’s super unkempt so I’ve been doing lots of yard work outside in the mornings. I’m out there watering the grass in the mornings and evenings. Every single time I’ve done this the neighbor right next door who’s like this older granny comes out to her porch and straight up watches me without even hiding it. I introduced myself to her once that me and my sister are the new owners after my dad passed but it was obvious she didn’t wanna talk.

Next thing she started coming outside with her phone pointing the camera right at me. I’m like “is there a problem?” She says there’s no problem as long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to. I asked her “why is she recording me then”. Neighbor lady goes what’s the problem with me recording if you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s so damn weird I didn’t even know how to respond to the situation.

Soon as I finished going back inside she went back to her house too. This happens every single day when I’m outside watering the grass. Always the same excuse that she wants to make sure I’m not doing anything else or if I do it’s on camera. So yesterday I got fed up and decided to do something different. When she came out with her phone I stuck my a** out and put my hand on my hip looking right at her.

At first she was like wtf but then she got really mad when I started wetting myself with the water hose and touching my neck while literally looking directly at her. Was it stupid?

Yes but she put her phone away and started cussing me out for being a pervert. My sister told me later on that she came to the house when I was at work talking about me sexually harassing her making poses in provocative ways. My sister knows she’s a pain in the a** since she probably has nothing better to do with her time.

But I still shouldn’t have stooped to her level, making her uncomfortable right back. I feel like I’m right on this one and it wasn’t even that bad (not like i was grabbing my balls or anything) but also can be a dumba*s sometimes so idk you guys tell me. Was I a Jerk? Did I go too far here? Did I overreact? 

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