“I Threatened To Expose My Bully For Secretly Liking Me.”

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I had a friend growing up who absolutely hated me. It was weird because I considered her to be my best friend. The older we got the more I realized there were ill intentions behind her actions and words.

So we will call this friend, Kayla.

Kayla and I’s parents were really good friends, so naturally her and I hung out a lot. This friendship began in elementary school. Kayla and I were inseparable. She would stay at my house for weekends on end and vice versa.

Once we got to middle school, things changed. Kayla started hanging out with girls who were loud, obnoxious and mean. And me being the weird outcast I was, hung out with my group of friends who weren’t popular, but weren’t losers. I was one of the first people in my school / group of peers who came out as a lesbian. Nobody was surprised being that I never wore dresses, stayed in a sports uniform, and generally would hang with the boys and play hockey, basketball, etc. I was the biggest tomboy growing up. I was labeled the school lesbian and was made fun of and told I had the “les touch” so that nobody would touch me.

Kayla and I kept in contact outside of school and she regularly came to stay over at my house still. Nobody could know that we were hanging out or were friends though. She wouldn’t speak to me in school. She would giggle when other kids picked on me. And she started doing really mean things to me. She would text me and tell me that a group of people were going skating at a certain place and time and that I was invited. I would show up and wait for hours before realizing that nobody was coming and it was a joke at my expense. My dad died 7th grade year and in an attempt at a “joke”, as I was getting off the bus Kayla rolled the window down and yelled “that’s why your dad died” to which the entire bus erupted into laughter. Kayla would trip me in the hallways with her friends and laugh. Typical mean middle school shit.

Kayla still kept in contact with me outside of school and would ask me to stay over or if she could stay over my house. In an attempt to remain friends, (I didn’t have many and she had been my longest “friend”) I would cave and we would hang out. Well at our sleepovers at each other’s houses, Kayla started getting curious about me being a lesbian. It would start by her asking little questions about how I knew and blah blah blah. Then it moved onto physical things. She would ask to kiss me to “practice” for boys. Or she would say she just wanted to know what kissing a girl was like, it was always some excuse behind why she wanted to kiss me.

And once the weekend was over, she would go home, we would go back to school, and she would be mean all over again to me.

I got sick of it by 8th grade and realized that she didn’t want people knowing we were hanging out because they’d connect the dots. She liked me. Once my teenage brain figured this out it was on.

Kayla would see me in the hallways and would continue doing mean shit. Once, I caught her in the bathroom alone and shoved her against the wall and told her that if she didn’t leave me alone and get her friends to leave me alone that I would kiss her in front of everyone. I told her I would print all our text messages out and tape them all around school. And that I would tell everyone she was my girlfriend and that we had weekend sleepovers almost every weekend.

All of a sudden, everyone left me alone. I was upset that I had to use my sexuality as a weapon but was thoroughly impressed with the results. She still, to this day, checks in periodically to see how I am. I swear she’s still afraid I’ll out her. Lol. She has a kid and a boyfriend now and I would never do that but man, it was nice to be left alone for the rest of my high school days!

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