“I threw my daughter and her friends a period party, people say I’m embarrassing”

A mother of four has disclosed that she threw her eldest daughter a period party, which has sparked outrage on the internet.

Jade Powell of the United States threw a party for her 11-year-old daughter to celebrate her period and to de-stigmatize the topic.

Jade revealed some of the inventive ways she arranged the event on her TikTok account, clicknbloom.

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There was blood drop confetti, sanitary towels, and uteruses, a gigantic blood drop cake, a crimson coloured chocolate fountain, and even goody bags.

Jade invited 10 of her daughter’s friends to the party, and each of them got to tie-dye a shirt using red dye.

Many people questioned Jade about what her daughter’s friend’s parents thought of the party, and she said she didn’t inform them what it was for.

With over ten million views, the video became viral, and users were split on whether it normalized periods or was humiliating.

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In response, Jade posted another video in which she stated, ending the stigma around periods is one of the primary reasons they wanted to organize this party, and to have a little fun as well. She wants her child and her friends to understand that her home is a safe haven and that they can come to her with any problem or concern.”

The mother stated that they celebrate many of their children’s “firsts,” but neglect the obvious “gross” ones, such as periods, because she didn’t want her daughter to feel embarrassed about having a period.

She continued that nothing will change unless we abolish the ‘gross’ label.

She also said that they didn’t discuss periods at the celebration, instead having a great day with tons of red themed pizza and tie-dying clothing.

Some readers were blown away by Jade’s parenting strategy, with one writing: “I like how millennial parents are transforming generational pain and “taboo” themes into positive talks and celebrations. The earth is repairing itself.

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“This is fantastic!! What a great way to normalize this for our young females, “added yet another

A third person stated: “I adore this! I recall being overjoyed when I got mine only to be told not to talk about it. It warms my heart to witness this.”

Others were less impressed and claimed they would have despised it if this had happened to them; one added, “I am so glad my mother and father never did this for me.”

“This would shame me,” wrote another.

A third concurred, saying, “I would feel very ashamed.”

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