Identical twin sisters give birth to baby boys on the SAME day

Despite having due dates 10 days apart, identical twin sisters gave birth to their newborn sons on the same day.

Jill Justiniani, 30, and Erin Cheplak, 30, both from California, received their baby sons on May 5 at the same hospital. The boys, who were born five hours apart, had the same birth weight and height.

Jill gave birth to Oliver James at 6.39 p.m., and Erin gave birth to Silas James at 11.31 p.m. Both infants weighed 7.3 pounds and stood 50.8cm tall.

Jill stated that the scenario felt ‘predictable.’ She continued, it is a little unexpected since what are the odds? But it’s as if this was bound to occur to them.

The twins had intended to become pregnant at the same time, but they had no idea their babies would arrive within hours of each other.

Jill was scheduled for a cesarean section on May 5 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Anaheim because Oliver was discovered to be breech – lying feet first. Silas was not expected to be born until May 15, but Erin’s water broke that day.

She said she phoned her husband, Zach, and even told him it’s not a joke. Her water just broke. She will require him to come home from work and drive her to labor and delivery.

The twins have now relocated to California so that their boys may grow up together. Jill added that’s just another incredibly wonderful thing for their guys – they’ll have a sense of connection that they can count on each other as her sister and she did.

Congratulations to both families. May their baby’s bond become stronger as day passes by just like their mommies.

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