“If Your Husband Threw It Back, She Won’t Think He’s Terrible Either.”

Story by Joan Wester Anderson

A friend is someone you can call at 8:30 on Monday morning to say you are dropping off your St.Bernard in about ten minutes. She will say okay, and never ask why.

A friend is someone you hope will be at the next bridge club meeting, because it’s always more fun when she’s there.

A friend is someone who meets your eye and laughs at the same time you do. And no one else can understand just what is so funny.

A friend is someone who will ask your advice, and sometimes even take it.

A friend can make you feel like Julia Child at your own dinner party, even though the only thing you ever serve is Chicken and Broccoli Delight.

A friend will lend you her silk evening wrap, and not even tell you to guard it with your life.

A friend won’t think you’re terrible if you tell her you once threw your wedding ring at your husband. If your husband threw it back, she won’t think he’s terrible either.

A friend is someone who brings her own glass of iced tea to your patio because she can’t stand your coffee.

A friend listens to what you say, and also hears the message underneath the words.

A friend will tell you about the spiders in her house, so you can tell her about the mouse in yours.

She knows her children aren’t perfect, and doesn’t care if you know it too. She understands and accepts you just the way you are, but is loyal enough to tell you when you’re behaving like a child. Best of all, you can tell her to go home.

Thanks to the special women in my life. I love you all.

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