‘I’m 76 and my man is 19…Trolls say I look like his grandma, but we’re so in love’

On TikTok, a 76-YEAR-OLD WOMAN with a 19-YEAR-OLD BOY has gone viral.

True love, they say, knows no age – and a couple from Italy surely has, despite a 56-year age difference.

Giuseppe D’Anna, 19, recently grabbed the internet by fire after admitting he had proposed to his 76-year-old fiancée.

The young man could be seen down on his right knee with more than a dozen large balloons in the shape of a heart and passionately kissing his girlfriend in a footage that has been seen over a stunning 16.1 million times on social media.

“Nostra promessa,” read the description accompanying the popular video, which refers to “our pledge” in English.

The following shot showed Giuseppe sporting what looked to be a gold necklace and the bride-to-be clutching a rose.


Thank you 💚

♬ Notizie Uno – Sigla & Loop – Piero Bellisario

The 19-year-old, who has around 190,000 TikTok followers, also uploaded a photo of a gorgeous ring.

“And this is only the start of a lengthy series,” he added, disregarding the trolls’ anger.


♬ suono originale – Giuseppe D’anna⚡️

Although the two are in love, not all are on the same page, with several wondering on why Giuseppe is seeing the elderly lady.

Some assumed he was chasing her will, while others said he was after the Sony PlayStation 5.

Giuseppe’s betrothed has been referred to as his grandmother multiple times since learning their ages.

However, he seemed to be really in love, as he responded, “my love is lovely [heart emoji]”.

“I think you guys took it a little too seriously when you stated you loved older females [sic],” one person observed, while another was stunned and simply said, “No way.”

But it isn’t all bad news for the pair, as they have gained some admirers who encourage them, such as this TikTok user: “don’t listen to the hatred date who makes you happy [heart emoji] love who you feel is perfect for you.”

It’s not the first time a couple with a significant age difference has gone viral on social media.

Earlier this year, a US pair with a 24 year age difference shocked the world by announcing their engagement.

Despite the harsh remarks, which include the 61-year-old lady being referred to as the man’s granny, the pair claims to have fantastic sex chemistry and have even set up a website to promote their saucier NSFW footage.

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