I’m a proud catfish and men fall at my feet after my transformation

People have been astounded by a woman’s remarkable cosmetic makeovers. The highly creative makeup artist can transform her looks from dull to fantastic, as she demonstrates on her TikTok channel, Lashes and Loosing.

In the popular video, she transforms from being makeup-free and missing her front teeth to appearing glamorous and complete with a full set of pearly whites.

In response to a troll’s statement, “Man would chew his own arm off to get away from that.”

“Good, get away men,” she said after revealing her change.

Initially, the woman has her hair up in a sloppy bun, no makeup on, and no front teeth. Yet, in an instant, the woman morphs before your eyes, sporting a trendy grey wig, a black smokey eye, groomed brows, and even false piercings.

With over 300,000 views and 6,000 ‘likes,’ the video has gone viral. She has got a ton of encouragement from ladies online, who frequently approach her for beauty suggestions and are awestruck by her extraordinary abilities.

One person remarked that she is stunning and an inspiration. Another one expressed that she was stunning in any case. But, yes she is indeed a fantastic makeup artist. A third one said to please show her how to apply make-up like that.

Others were certain it was a completely different individual, with one saying that’s no way is that the same person. Others, mostly men, in the comments section, however, said it was incorrect. One individual wrote deceptive advertising. While another one expressed that this is why males have trust difficulties. A third viewer objected that it’s not even her, that’s she covered up.

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