“I’m Going To Report You To A Manager!”: ‘Old White Lady’ Mistakes Customer For An Employee, Gets Mocked Instead.

Customers are not always correct. Particularly when they believe someone is an employee at a store where they do not even work. Of course, almost everyone has mistaken a stranger for a staff member at some point, even if no one wants to admit it. But it’s how you manage the following few seconds of the discussion that will determine how embarrassed you’ll feel. Scroll down to know what happened in this store and how you would handle the situation.

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To set the scene, it is Halloween. I am wearing a Halloween sweater, a skirt with a book pattern all over it, and combat boots. At this time, I have a handbag over my shoulder and keys in my hand.

Me: [standing in the baking aisle of Jo Ann’s]

Old White Lady: You! Hey!

Me: Me?

Old White Lady: You work here?

Me: No?

Old White Lady: [shouting] I need someone to cut some fabric for me!

Me: Oh, I think there are some cashiers at the registers in the front.

Old White Lady: [shouting louder] I don’t want to have to walk back up there!

Me: Oh, okay. [goes back to looking at frosting tips]

Old White Lady: Well?!

Me: Huh?

Old White Lady: My fabric?!

Me: I don’t think the actual employees would want me doing that.

Old White Lady: [sneering] Oh, like you’re so busy?


Old White Lady: Then what are you doing here?!

Me: Spending some hard-earned American money?

Old White Lady: Don’t get sassy! I’m going to report you to a manager!

Me: They have no jurisdiction over me, do you want to call my mom?

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