‘I’m homeless in a tent with 2 kids under 2… even though I’ve got savings’

Sushannah, her husband, and their two young kids had been living happily in a rented apartment in Roma, a small Queensland town, for the previous two years.

That all changed last month, when their landlord abruptly declared that he was selling the house, leaving the young family to live on the streets.

The 20-year-old mother of two explained on TikTok that they have enough money to move into a rental unit. The issue is a rental crisis; there is no affordable housing, even if there is inexpensive housing, it is incredibly competitive.

Sushannah and her family opted to attempt their luck in Bundaberg, a six-hour trip away, after failing to find a rental house in Roma.

Sadly, the scenario has remained the same, with the family once again unable to locate a place to reside.

To make matters worse, the relocation has left Sushannah’s husband Tristan jobless – and he hasn’t found new work despite submitting 40 applications.

Sushannah, Tristan, Delilah (two), and Luna (six months old) are currently living in a tent that they move throughout the neighborhood.

The toughest aspect of being homeless, according to her, is the continual mobility and instability.

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Sushannah stated on TikTok, obviously, they can’t remain at one campground for very long since others have pre-booked so they have to relocate. She is not sure what they’re going to do on Saturday morning.

Sushannah chronicled the family’s day-to-day existence in the tent in a series of recordings titled “A day in the life of a homeless family living in Australia,” which depicts the harsh realities of being homeless with two toddlers under the age of two.

She explained in one video clip that the youngsters awoke grumpily as they slept grumpily. Then it was time for breakfast, which comprised of one banana.

Later that day, the family ate a can of baked beans for lunch, while Sushannah poured the children a bath on the street outside their tent in another video.

She said she is not dealing as well as she thought she would. She is anxious and just hopes they never have to go through this again. She further added that all she and her family truly need are employment and a place to live.

She has been contacting homeless shelters, but they’re all filled, as expected. She has some savings. Since she recognized the situation of the country, she had always been saving for a catastrophe like this.

They have the cash and the rental history, but there isn’t much accessible.

Her latest update on social media

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