I’m a Hooters waitress and here’s how much I make in tips a day

This Hooters waitress has some massive tips, and that’s going ridiculously popular.

Part-time wing slinging appears to be a successful career for law student Leah Fennelly, 23, who racked up 10.3 million TikTok views with a film demonstrating how much cash she gets in gratuities during an eight-hour shift from 12 to 8 p.m. on a normal Thursday.

“For the first three tips of the morning, we have $3 money and some change, $7 money and some change, and $8 money and some change,” says the happy brunette from Florida as she flashes the notes to the camera.

Later, while on work, Fennelly shows off another flood of money tips from three more customers, including $6, $14, and $23 tips, while wearing a deep-V cut Hooters T-shirt and the chain’s iconic orange uniform shorts.

She proceeded to show five incentives she received from debit card transactions, including large $31 and $50 tips.

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When a baseball hall-of-famer, who’d come by for a snack, sat at one of Fennelly’s tables, she believed she’d struck gold. She explained that she had no clue who he was, however customers started approaching him and asking for photographs and signatures. However, the mysterious “pitcher” eventually paid her seven dollars. Nevertheless, the baller’s little expression of appreciation was soon outweighed by larger boons from clients, who lavished her with gratuities ranging from $17 to $38.

Fennelly totaled up the day’s take for her more than 117,000 admirers after the shift, showing that she made an incredible $282 in cash, plus $100 transferred via CashApp from one of her regular clients.

Her huge salary package astounded cyber-watchers. “Lol, I’m a nurse, and you make more than a new nurse in a 12-hour shift,” one viewer jokes. “I’m an engineer, and this chick makes more than I do haha, I’m never tipping again,” one joked.

But Fennelly isn’t the only Hooters super star making a fortune by serving up heated food in clingy, cropped couture. At the start of the year, a platinum-blonde waitress in Georgia went viral after raking up a whopping $521 during her lunchtime shift.

Kirsten Songer, a cleavage-feigning Hooters employee who made TikTok gold in June with a video of how she converts her A-cup breasts into massive knockers for work, was commended when she disclosed that she makes up to $400 every shift, which she puts toward her college tuition cost.

In Fennelly’s instance, though, a number of commenters were shocked to hear that her big league-playing client had only left her with a small stipend. “Isn’t anyone talking about the $7 from the ex-professional athlete?” questioned one critic. “If it was only 20% of his bill, that would be great.” However, acting as though individuals don’t deserve tips is absurd.”

Fennelly, on the other hand, informed everybody in a second post that she is “appreciative” for any tip she receives, regardless of the amount. She expressed that all have been there where one gets a $0 tip and that stinks. So, she would rather have $5, $6, or $7 than nothing. She is thankful for anything anyone has given her in exchange for providing them with good assistance.

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  1. May 13, 2022

    […] Leah Fennelly, 23, of Florida, has worked for the restaurant business for nearly six years. Since she was a child, the law student had wished to work for the corporation. So the brunette beauty was overjoyed when she obtained a job at the American cafe. Her job isn’t always simple, since she despises the strange remarks her customers make. […]