‘I’m Not Rich But I Deserve A Nice Wedding’, Delusional Bride Expects To Pay Everyone With ‘Exposure’

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Hi yall! As you know me n David afe getribg married! Soon I will be Mrs. David …… can you believe it? I can lol I deserve it!

We are blessed that David’s godmother has invited us to have her wedding at her estate in Maine. I’ll share some photos later but its gorgeous and its a historical landmark, which means my wedding is going to be historic! lol

Because we are having an out of state wedding, which means we will be traveling and staying in hotels, and also because of our Honeymoon in Dubai (one month!!!!), Im asking for y’alls help with some of the wedding stuff!

  • if anyone has experience as a professional photographer (not a hobby but getting paid as a job), PLEASE contact me or David. We need you. This could be considered your gift to us! We would need you to pay for travel to Maine and everything but I think once you saw where the wedding is at you’d be begging US for the opportunity!!!
  • if anyone knows a good caterer in Maine or willing to travel to Maine who will work for exposure. Im going to be starting an Instagram soon.
  • Any dress designers out there? I want that one of a kind dress! You need to be professional and talented. I want to feel like a princess! I will post your info and all of the pictures on here and on my Instagram.

We also need all the usual stuff- flowers, seating, music (orchestra, no DJ, this will be classy). I can already tell you our event will get press because of the historic location.

Please send me a message if you can help. See y’all in June!!!

Her friends weren’t very happy.

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