I’m so hot men won’t stop flirting with me at gym – I need $3000 bodyguard’

Monica Huldt, 38, resides in Arizona, US, and works out at least five times a week.

However, whenever the beauty is practicing, she frequently has to cope with boys who want to flirt with her.

Although the Polish native, who has 318,000 Instagram followers, enjoys the limelight, she is tired of it.

The gym is also her safe haven; having faced sexual harassment in the past, the attention might make her nervous.

Monica is now planning to hire a bodyguard to protect her while she gets the representatives in and she is willing to spend any amount of money for the correct protection.

She explained, working out and exercising are really essential to her since she does it not just for her physical health but also for her emotional well-being. She gets hit on at the gym at least once a week, and she works out at least five times a week, so it can become tiring. She was browsing on her phone one day when an elderly man approached her and said, ‘Stop trying to text him, he didn’t bring my phone.’ She responded that she wasn’t messaging him, and he asked if she wanted to.

Monica remarked that it does make her feel good to know people think her beautiful since she didn’t have the finest self-esteem growing up.

However, most of the time, she just wants to be left alone so she may come and go as she chooses.

She would gladly pay $3,000 (about £2,200) each month for someone who performs a fantastic job and can scare folks away.

She stated that all he needs to do is come to the gym and participate in photoshoots with her.

The unwelcome attention at the gym recalls the model of previous frightening experiences that almost resulted in deadly scenarios.

Monica, who is also a Swede, added  she already had a stalker who obtained her phone number. This guy would text her while pretending to be someone else, such as the girl who does her eyelashes, a photographer, or even a doctor. It was quite scary, and she had to block all of the numbers he texted from. He was just some random guy.

Another time, a guy tried to grasp Monica’s legs as she ran up the steps at the train station.

She explained he tried to take her into an alley. Thankfully, someone intervened and he fled, but it was terrifying. She dreads to think what might have occurred if he hadn’t been interrupted.

Unfortunately for admirers, Monica is a self-described “conventional wife” who is happily married to husband John.

She claims her boyfriend isn’t “threatened” by other men attempting to pursue his wife, despite his concerns for her security.

The model continued that John is really very proud and constantly tells her he appreciates having such a gorgeous wife. He is not at all afraid, but he does become concerned when she walks out by herself in the evening.

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