“I’m So Tired Of Being Told I Am Not A Real Feminist.”

Source: Reddit

I appear highly feminine. My dream is being a mother. I enjoy traditionally feminine hobbies such as the arts, baking, and fashion. I am highly emotional and easy to cry. And I am so tired of people telling me I can’t be a feminist and that I have been brainwashed by men

I still educate myself and follow politics. I don’t allow men to push me around and I definitely don’t see them as above me. I especially hate how being feminine also equates to me being weak. You cannot sit there and tell me that I deserved to be bullied and pushed around by a grown a*s man because “That is what feminine girls like and men are pigs.” That isn’t feminism. We can’t keep making excuses. ALL women deserve to be treated as human and if wearing a dress and lipstick makes me less human, you are batshit insane, my dear. I am still going to support women who don’t want to be mothers. Women who are in STEM careers. Women who don’t want to shave their legs. Women who trapped in a male body at one point. That’s what feminism is. Supporting each other

I’m just upset, I guess. Thank you for reading this far. Have a beautiful day, ladies :))

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