“I’m The Breadwinner And My Husband Is A House Spouse, And Everyone We Know Has A Serious Problem With That”

Source: Reddit

When I got a good job in a low cost of living area where his job prospects were abysmal, he said he wanted to try his hand at being productive around the house, and see if he could come up with ways to save and make money from home.

He’s knocking it out of the park! He grows fruits and vegetables in a huge garden, has some fruit and nut trees going, learned how to can, makes all our food from scratch, does a great job with the housework, keeps bees as a hobby so he can get out of the house and go to the local beekeeping association meetings, has made us lots of interesting friends who keep bees, home brews all our beer, and last week he learned how to make soap. I’m proud of him. He sells produce and honey at the Farmers market on weekends during the growing season.

People act like he must sit around and play video games all day. The things they say are horrible. I had to stop talking to one friend because she told me to divorce him. It’s crazy. If it was him working and me busting my butt at home, no one would say anything to me.

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