Incident With Her Boyfriend Spurred Her To Lose Weight.

Every now and then we all need a wake-up call to get back to what’s truly important in life when was your last wake-up call. Here are 8 stories of weighty wake-up call.

1. 22-year-old Alexandra weighed 300 pounds when she took her boyfriend home to meet her mother. Then she sat on a garden bench… and it collapsed. That was the last straw… or splinter.

She immediately went on a strict diet of salads and fresh fruit. Since then, she has lost 140 pounds… and has a new boyfriend.

2. 39-year-old Ross Gardner was morbidly obese at nearly 400 pounds, and his doctors told him he would die within three years if he didn’t change things… quickly.

So he did. He said “so long” to his daily diet of pizzas, burgers and whiskey, and turned to healthier foods. After 10 months on the new diet, he weighed 213 pounds. Now, he often tells others, it’s never too late.

3. At one point in his life, Sean was earning medals in kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. He was in excellent physical shape. Then, suddenly, his dad died, and Sean withdrew from his healthy lifestyle and started eating a lot of unhealthy food and drinks. He didn’t even realize how weighty he had become until someone mentioned it to him on Facebook.

So he dumped the fatty foods and got back to eating healthier. He even got back into kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. He lost 10 inches from his waist size and posted new pictures on his Facebook page.

4. Sharon was 38 and severely overweight at 320 pounds. And she finally realized enough was enough when she got stuck in her bathtub.….

Ya know, being overweight is a serious thing that can cause a person not only health issues, but self-hate and dire embarrassment from the ridicule by others. Eating unhealthy and fattening foods can become just as much of an addiction as watching TV or playing video games or spending hours on Facebook.

Anyway, Sharon’s husband even wrenched his back while trying to dislodge her from the tub. But finally she was free. And finally, she decided to make a change. She joined a weight-watchers group and changed her diet… and her life. Sharon lost 120 pounds.

5. Bob was 56 years old when he spotted his big belly on… of all places… Google Street View. He was horrified. So he decided to get back into shape and do something about his 300-pound weight.

He gave up the fatty foods and went on a strict salads, fruits and vegetables diet. And guess what? He lost a hundred pounds.

6. Jeanine’s own son told her she was “really fat.” And, as much as that hurt, he was being honest. So she was determined to lose a lot of her 208 pounds before reaching 40.

Jeanine started working out and eating healthier foods, and by the time 40 came around, she was half the person she used to be.

7. Richard was 336 pounds when he got stuck in a roller coaster car. He had to be heaved out by the staff at the amusement park. It was embarrassing. So he immediately got on a fitness regimen of salads and workouts.

It took him just over a year, but he lost 114 pounds, and is now ready to take on those coaster rides.

8. 25-year-old Lisseth had a good marriage with husband Jose, and they loved welcoming their new daughter into the world. But after the pregnancy, Lisseth started gaining weight. Those big breakfasts with McDonald’s food soon following them didn’t help.

Then Jose began losing interest in her, giving her no affection and inflicting mental anguish on her. Lisseth found messages of a personal nature on his phone to another woman, and when she confronted Jose, he blamed it on her weight.

Well, Lisseth filed for divorce and immediately changed her lifestyle, which meant losing the big breakfasts and McDonald’s for more healthy, smaller meals. In a very short time, she had lost 126 pounds.

So guess who tried to get back with her when that happened? Yep. But Lisseth quickly slammed the door on his inflated male ego and set off for a new life, and being a good role model for her young daughter.

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