Infant dies after consuming contaminated baby formula – now mom wants justice

A mother only wants the best for her child. As a parent, you would like to ensure that your child receives sufficient and enriching nutrition. Cynthia Salinas had similar expectations when disaster struck.

Cynthia Salinas, a San Antonio resident, was a pregnant woman who was looking forward to the birth of her child. On July 14, 2021, she gave birth to a healthy boy. Cynthia wanted Azael to have the best life had to offer after he was born. She observed the hospital feeding her son Similac Pro Advance and decided to do the same.

The new mother wished her son to continue using the same formula he had been using since birth, and given that Similac Pro Advance is considered a top-tier formula, this appeared like a good choice. Azael, however, was not doing well just two weeks after his birth. The newborn had a severe case of diarrhea and later began vomiting. The worried young mother hustled her beloved child to the doctor. Salina was told she could return home after the doctor recommended Pedialyte and Tylenol.

At the time, Azael’s diet consisted solely of Similac Pro Advance. When Salinas returned home, she noticed that her child was not improving. In fact, his well being appeared to be deteriorating. The young mother recalls that’s when things started to go south. He just got really ill. The concerned mom took her child to the hospital. The doctors there informed her that the baby had a severe case of salmonella bacteria that had already attacked his brain. She was then educated that it was past the point of no return and there was nothing more that the specialists could do. Salinas, who was disheartened, held her little child for the last time before he died at just 30-days old.

The cause of death on Baby Azael’s death certificate was “Salmonella Meningitis,” and the grief stricken Salina had no clue where the baby contracted the bacterial infection. She was on the lookout for answers. Six months after her son died, Salina received an email from Abbott Nutrition.

Certain powdered formulas produced at the Sturgis plant in Michigan had been recalled by the organization. Similac Pro Advance was one of the recalled formulas. The US Food and Drug Administration was looking into complaints that the formulas in question were causing Cronobacter and Salmonella infections in babies. Salinas quickly checked the batch number on the formulas she had used for Azael and was shocked to find that they matched. The formulas recalled by the organization in February 2022 were similar ones she had fed her infant the summer before.

It finally dawned on Salinas that this was the cause of her son’s suffering. The FDA is presently investigating four reported cases of Cronobacter infection in newborns that may have been caused by the formulas; two of these reported cases led to death.

While the initial complaints also indicated that the formulas were causing Salmonella, the FDA eliminated this complaint, stating that there was insufficient proof to support Salmonella to the powdered infant formulas in question. The FDA, along with the CDC, stated that they are extensively investigating these reports. Salina expressed that when this recall came out, she felt deceived. This is supposed to be a really great formula. And suddenly, all of this is occurring, there are a lot of unanswered questions, which hopefully will be addressed soon.

Salinas is presently pursuing legal action in the hopes of obtaining justice. She also advises parents to be more cautious about what they feed their children and to check to see if the formula they have is from the recalled batch. On the company’s website, parents can check to see if they have a baby formula that has been recalled.

Cynthia Salinas has been through such a traumatic experience. Let us hope that no other parent has to go through this ordeal. By sharing this news, you can join us in praying for Cynthia and keeping other babies safe!

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