Infant Was Allegedly Starved to Death by Parents Who Said They Forgot to Feed Him.

Authorities in Indiana have arrested a couple after they allegedly starved their 2-month-old kid to death. Caylin Monroe, 23, and Jakob Scott, 22, have been accused with homicide and maltreatment resulting in death. The inquiry was launched in February 2022. The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office arrived at a remote residence after getting a report regarding an unconscious newborn.

When they arrived, they discovered the infant had died. Silas Chance-Kent Scott, the infant, died of malnutrition, according to an autopsy. According to the probable cause affidavit, Monroe told police that Silas was born “little, yet ”healthy” and “had problems developing.” She also reportedly informed police that her mom was concerned about the size of the child.

As per the affidavit, Caylin indicated that her best friend, Grace Hudson, inquired as to why Silas was so little? Caylin responded agreeing that he is a tiny little one. Caylin indicated that she suspected Silas had a medical problem, but she never had time to contact a new physician.

Monroe supposedly informed authorities during the interview that she had fed the baby prior, but an autopsy revealed that there was no formula or milk in the infant’s stomach. She then reportedly acknowledged forgetting to feed her baby if he was quiet or if she was busy caring for her other children. According to the affidavit, DCS had inspected Monroe for an episode involving another kid. She had to keep a feeding diary for the child.

During a police questioning, Scott allegedly claimed that the infant didn’t feed unless he cried. He also couldn’t remember if Silas had been fed on the day he died.

The pair is being detained incommunicado. They have not filed a plea, and there is no counsel allowed to speak on their behalf, according to court documents.

Rest in peace sweet baby. 

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