Intruders Rob 93-Yr-Old Man Because He’s An ‘Easy Target,’ Deeply Regret Their Decision.

For several weeks, an elderly man in Moreno Valley, California, had been the subject of a series of break-ins. Burglars allegedly uncovered 93-year-old Joe Teague’s hoard of treasures, which included a collection of pricy musical instruments he had gathered over years.

The burglars had routinely stolen into Teague’s residence without fear of retaliation, taking advantage of his senior age. Indeed, Oscar Malma, whose wife is the homeowner’s granddaughter, claims that the robbers got so brazen that they pushed their way into his home in broad daylight.

Despite Teague called the cops after every break-in, the invaders had become accustomed to law enforcement taking a long time to come. When the cops arrived, the burglars had already left with the stolen stuff.

With no end in sight, Teague felt he had to come up with a better strategy than phoning the cops while the invaders stole his belongings. So, when the same gang of robbers reappeared shortly after midnight one fateful night, he was prepared.

The 93-year-old man pulled out his trusty shotgun and urged the robbers to leave his belongings alone. The invaders didn’t take Teague seriously after getting away with stealing him so many times. Rather than backing down, the group attacked him.

Teague followed through on his promise after issuing a clear warning. He shot, striking one of the robbers while the others fled. Teague then dialed 911 to report that he had shot a threatening intruder. The culprit, identified as Joseph Ortega, 33, was transported to the hospital in serious condition.

Teague was thoroughly interrogated by detectives but was not charged. Although the investigation is still ongoing, authorities stated immediately after the event that he is not anticipated to face prosecution.

The sheriff’s office verified that numerous individuals were seen fleeing Teague’s residence immediately before officials reached. In the days following the event, officials were allegedly still looking for the other culprits.

The event is being investigated by the sheriff’s office as a matter of lawful self-defense. They verified that Joe Teague’s use of lethal force was justified and that no charges will be filed against him.

Many people, like Teague, are especially vulnerable to those who would reap the benefits of them. Because law police cannot be everywhere at all times, the greatest protection is to be adequately equipped and trained, as Teague demonstrated.

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