FROM ADULT FILMS TO PRAYER: Iowa pastor shares story of leaving his life in the adult film industry behind

Almost a decade ago, 39 year old Joshua Broome, who was born in Charlotte, was in the profession of pornography. But now he left that all behind and shared his inspirational story of how transformed and became a Christian and a preacher.

Broome discovered his passage to redemption and the course of altering his life after leaving the adult film industry in 2013. That decision led to meeting his wife, Hope and then becoming a father and spreading trust and faith to others. Joshua Broome and Hope were married in July 2016. Today, they have three sons.

Presently, Broome appears on the teaching group at Good News Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, He is travelling all over the country to share his transformational story and reaching out to others.

Joshua Broome started out as a 22-year-old struggling actor in Los Angeles. Even though he was having some accomplishment with runway and print modelling and low-budget films, but he said that he was still living far away from his means. So, to make ends meet, Broome worked at a cafeteria. In 2006, whereas he was functioning there one night, a group of women stimulated him to try acting in pornography.

Fascinated by the idea, Broome met with their agent, who told that he would be famous. Broome shared that his lack of belief in himself caused him to think that maybe this is as close as he is going to get. Broome told the agent that he would give it a try but at the same time, he told to himself that he is going to make this movie and after getting the remuneration, he won’t do it again.

Within a week of the first film being posted, Broome lost his agents for breaking his contracts with them. He then realised that all of sudden everything that he worked out for, was devastated.

Broome’s point of view shifted after his mother found out about the adult film that he has worked for. He then thought to leave everything and do something else to sustain his life. But Broome allowed his decision to describe his individuality. Broome went back to the agent that he’d worked with on the adult film and continued to work in the porn industry.

Broome, who went by the stage name Rocco Reed, had a very fruitful career in the adult film industry. He said that he performed in more than 1,000 movies and earned $1.1 million. He was nominated three times for Best Male Performer of the Year by the AVN Awards.

Broome shared that his profession didn’t make him pleased but instead, he felt crushed. Broome said that he went into a profound depression and secluded himself from his friends and family. He even got to the point where none of the people he spoke to called him by his actual name. He was known by his stage name because that was who he had become and realised that his real name, Joshua does not be existent.

One day in 2013, Broome went to a bank to deposit a check. When the transaction was finished, the cashier asked him: “Joshua, is there something I can do to help you?” That was the crucial life-changing moment for Broome because after hearing his real name, it shattered his emotionlessness.

That day, he called his agent and promoter to tell them that he was leaving the adult film industry forever. Immediately after that, Broome went to stay with his mother in South Carolina. Uncertain of what his future held, Broome went through an individual exercise certification and applied for jobs at native fitness centre.

Broome eventually got to work at a fitness centre but within 02 days the owners learned about his past life in the adult film industry. Broome said that his bosses still gave him a chance. Over the next two years, Broome worked hard in his role, moving up to a head coach, then a manager and to end with, a general manager of the fitness centre. 

In 2015, Broome met Hope at the fitness centre where he worked and they went on a run together. Broome decided to unveil about his earlier life and he wanted to be different and honest with Hope.

Broome said that Hope was pretty shocked after knowing his past life but she told him that people aren’t demarcated by either the most horrible thing they’ve ever done or the highest thing they’ve ever done. 

She said to Broome that it is God who defines who you are. She then asked Broome about his faith and he recognized he didn’t have the words to make something up. Though Broome anticipated that Hope would discard him, instead she revealed details of her own faith journey.

On Easter Sunday in 2015, Hope called him to a church. That was when Broome heard the gospel for the first time. Broome said that moment reformed his life. He was able to relinquish not just the shame and the guilt from porn but the shame and the guilt from feeling like he wasn’t good enough in his entire life.

Broome put his faith in Jesus at that instant. His makeover has been a process of dealing with mental and emotional disturbance, bad habits and poor social skills.

Broome began meeting with a psychotherapist to help him manage distress. Broome said that he also met with a counsellor who helped him when he was doing something that was out of line and encourage him when he was changing things in his life.

Broome feels like sharing his story with others is incredibly healing for him.

Broome also went to school to turn out to be a pastor, earning his bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry with an attention on biblical theology. 

Today, Broome is on his way of earning his master’s in theology and continues to preach around the nation. He speaks about the life he left behind and reassuring people to not let their faults control them or describe them. He believes that everyone should be using the passions and talents that they have.

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