‘I’ve given my daughter a boy’s name – people say she’ll be bullied but I don’t care’

SELECTING A NAME FOR YOUR Kid IS A HUGE DECISION, and one that many expecting parents battle with. After all, you’ll be calling your kid by the same name for the rest of your life, so it has to be something that both the parent and the child like. Read the story and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

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Am I A Jerk? My sister is saying that I’m doing my daughter a disservice and I’m not thinking rationally and I’m being an a**h**e. My entire pregnancy I was told I was having a boy. My fiancé and I were so excited and he chose the name Warren for him saying he always pictured himself having a son named Warren. I love to sew and knit and make so many clothes with the name stitched in. I have pictures of him holding the onesies up and smiling with so many of them since we were planning to make a scrapbook.

Sadly at 23 weeks my fiancé passed away. It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m still processing it. I mourned for me and my son never having a father. It was horrible. I ended up also not delivering until 41 weeks having the most excruciating and traumatizing pregnancy and labor.

At labor is when I found out she was a girl. It was so shocking. I had a home birth like we had planned to do. I have done everything like we planned to because I still feel him alongside me. Changing anything we planned feels wrong. I’ve been calling her Warren or Ren for three weeks now and my sister who has supported me this whole time is giving me dirty looks. She’s my only family and the only support I have and she’s giving me shit over a NAME.

I’m getting her birth certificate done next weekend and my sister came over last night. I assumed to help but instead she’s pleading that I don’t go through with the name and to use “Wren” if anything.and I’m setting my daughter up for failure and bullying. I explained how I’m doing this since my fiancé passed thinking our child was named Warren and I would be dishonoring our agreement and it was the name he chose which our daughter would love and she’s still saying I’m an a**h**e and being selfish and I should change it for “her sake” and she’s saying I love my fiancé more than I love my daughter.

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