I’ve Never Rescued A Stray…He Thought. But Pic #4 Melted His Heart!

This is a story of how an everyday encounter could lead to a remarkable story. Imgur user perfectpencil shared in photographs the story of how he adopted a stray cat. He does not elaborate what his work is, but he found ‘Luna’, a stray kitten, in the neighborhood near a granite shop his friend works in.
He found early on that Luna, who may be two months old, was very malnourished, and you could see the bones under her skin. He thought to bring her some cat food from a store only a few blocks away. In a matter of minutes he found himself petting her, and right then and there decided to adopt her.
When she got home, Luna started eating a lot, and she took to her litter box quickly. Luna did not fret or complain when she was given a warm bath, maybe because she also knew she needed cleaning with all the fleas she picked up. She was clearly calm and relaxed, possibly enjoying herself.
In no time at all, Luna learned to use her human’s lap, and of course, took to the computer keyboard, like all cats do. You may be thinking to yourself that Luna was lucky to be found, but really, you could say it was perfectpencil who got lucky that day.

This is when he first met “Luna” at his friend’s granite shop. No one lived in that neighbourhood and there were starving strays everywhere.
01 - p3oqhjR

She was maybe 2 months old and already skin and bone.
02 - YUIo0qj

He decided to bring her some cat food. It cost 2 bucks from a corner store a few blocks away.
03 - gQZ4iBQ

Oh God…He was not prepared for this.
04 - 55imqNs

Her dual colored eyes were really enchanting. Only with food in her belly did she perk up enough to show her face.
05 - vISoeyh

06 - MBmxorH

When he got her home she ate… and ate.. and ate and ate.
07 - 5Mtl909

She mastered the litter tray instantly.
08 - CYM1vxj

09 - AoIskOo

And was really ok with water. She needed a flea bath since she was covered in them.
10 - 3gpNcrv

12 - JAPC3dX

13 - gk16IEQ

14 - wHMvWgO


She keeps him really happy and gives him good company at the hom


15 - b32jbAS

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