Jealous Depp kicked me over Franco ‘affair’, Heard says

Amber Heard says an apparent affair with associated actor James Franco led to Depp attacking her in 2014 on a flight. Amber Heard alleged on Thursday that much of her ex-husband’s rage was due to his belief that she was dating James Franco. Amber and Franco featured together in Pineapple Express and The Adderall Diaries.

Amber claimed that Depp hated Franco and that jealousy caused a fuming Depp to constantly interrogate her on the flight in which he supposedly strikes out her.

She claimed that Depp just kicked her in the back and she fell down. She added that it was pin drop quietness and nobody said or did whatsoever.

The law court also received footage supposedly of Depp on the flight, which exposed him violent while under the influence of drugs. Amber said that he met her in New York subsequent the incident to say sorry and to show he was clearheaded and loyal.  

"Ahhhhhh" Shouts Johnny Depp Repeatedly on Audio Recording

During her testimony on Thursday, Amber Heard testified about an incident with Johnny Depp that took place on an airplane. Heard stated she recorded Depp in his inebriated state. This audio recording was played for the court during this trial segment. #JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard

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Jury member have frequently heard about the instance on the flight. Depp said in his own testimony that he procured Oxycodone drugs and fell asleep to dodge her.

Amber alleged she had the fight with Depp after a spat about Lily-Rose, his daughter who was about 14 year old then. Amber said that she felt defensive for Lily-Rose as she was too young.

Amber also narrated swapping wedding vows in Depp’s mom’s living room followed by a celebration on his secluded isle. On her wish to tie the knot with him, Amber said that it was difficult but he was the love of her life.

Describing a conversation over a pre-nuptial contract with Depp, Amber claimed that he told her that the only way out of this is passing away. She said that she didn’t bother either way but she did feel that the contract would eradicate doubt and it would make things at ease.

Depp claimed earlier in the hearing that he certainly not struck her but instead, he said she was frequently insulting herself and had a necessity for clash.

At numerous occasions in her testament, Amber claimed that Depp tried to regulate her profession and becoming annoyed at her hard work to find fresh starring role.

Amber said that these fights would habitually end in Depp taking things too far by striking her or breaking things before parting and ultimately make an apology.

She continued saying that Depp would certainly not have to deal with the damage or see her or the house that he’d devastated. She added that she would check for bruises on her body before she wore outfits to red carpet occasions.

Depp labelled himself as violent in one apology e-mail shown to judges, who was sorry for the distress caused by him. Amber said this was his usual admission of guilt.

The denouncement case arose from a December 2018 article in the Washington Post, in which Amber said that she was a prey of domestic exploitation without naming Depp. Depp’s attorneys have said that the article immensely spoiled his film career.  

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