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Jennifer Aniston Is Hailed As Most ‘Beautiful Woman In The World’ For Stunning Bikini Snaps

Jennifer Aniston looked hot in recent Instagram photos of herself having a haircut while wearing a bikini top.

The black and white photographs of the 53-year-old actress were released on famous hairdresser Chris McMillan’s Instagram account.

McMillan, who has done hair for Selma Blair, Charlie Puth, and Cameron Diaz, went into depth about his style processes for Aniston’s hair, captioned the images: “[Throwing] it back. Love a good blowout. Full but straight. To achieve this look [I] take 1 1/2 sections starting at the nape and blowout from towel dried freshly shampooed hair and towel dried, usually no products in hair so the blowout lasts (re wetting the hair if needed with a water bottle).”

The caption went on: “[The] large [Ibiza Hair Tools] brush always delivers. Keep it simple, over direct, and the key is to really lift and dry the roots.”

It didn’t take long for McMillan’s photos to be overwhelmed with praises for the Friends star. “The most gorgeous woman in the world [heart eyes emoji] [heart emoji],” one Instagram user said.

“You and your entire crew performed an absolutely fantastic job! This shoot is flawless, and Jen’s beauty [love eyes emoji] goes without saying ” one admirer expressed.

One commenter dubbed the Golden Globe candidate “THE QUEEN.”

These accolades would be nothing new for the Los Angeles native, who was crowned GQ Magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2005 and topped People’s list of the World’s Most Beautiful Women in 2016.

Aniston hasn’t been hesitant about sharing her own bikini photos, uploading casual shots of herself at the beach on her Instagram this summer.

Aside from her age-defying beauty, the actress utilizes her platform and fame to speak out on topics near to her heart.

In 2016, she wrote an essay about the media’s criticism of women. Aniston chose to write about the matter after becoming tired of the speculation over whether or not she was pregnant.

The ‘For the Record’ piece was a devastating indictment of society’s fixation with objectifying women. Aniston stated in it: “If I am a symbol to certain people, then I definitely represent the prism through which we as a culture perceive our moms, children, sisters, wives, female friends, and coworkers. We subject women to ludicrous and unpleasant objectification and scrutiny.

“Little girls everywhere are absorbing our agreement, whether passive or not. And it starts early. We’re all voluntarily buying into the idea that females aren’t lovely unless they’re exceedingly skinny, that they’re not worthy of our attention unless they look like a supermodel or an actress on the cover of a magazine. This conditioning is something that females take with them into womanhood” she went on.

Her prominent colleagues applauded her emotional remarks, and numerous news publications commended her opinion article, with Harper’s Bazaar calling it “powerful.”

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