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Jessie Is A Beautiful Dog And, She Sings With Deep Emotion. Wait, What Did I Just Say?

Do you have any pets who have singing talents? Those are probably cockatiels, not like this dog. Jessie here thinks he has an ear for music, as he starts accompanying this accordion playing. He doesn’t just get into it though. You can see Jessie raise his head to bark, and run towards the accordion. He then proceeds to do his best impersonation of His Master’s Voice, AKA the RCA Victor label.

I don’t know if you will like hearing this one, but Jessie’s enthusiasm is certainly infectious. I particularly like how he is singing his heart out, snout raised so that everyone in the neighborhood can hear it. Yep, you definitely want to hear your neighbors playing their accordion and their dog singing along to it in the middle of the day.

Above all else, I am confident we were all thinking the same thing watching this. An accordion player?

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