Johnny Depp can return for next ‘Pirates’ movie, former Disney exec believes

Johnny Depp’s rule as Jack Sparrow may not be over just yet, according to a former Disney executive, who hopes the actor might reprise his hallmark role in the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” film.

“I firmly feel that Pirates is poised for a remake with Johnny as Capt. Jack returning on board,” the unnamed former Disney executive told. “There is simply too much potential box-office gold for a living legend firmly ingrained in Disney culture.”

Depp hasn’t portrayed Jack Sparrow in what appears to be his final performance in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” in 2017. Despite grossing $794.8 million globally, it fell well short of the $1.04 billion earned by its predecessor, “On Stranger Tides,” in 2011.

Nevertheless, in a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times last month, producer Jerry Bruckheimer stated that Depp’s comeback to a hypothetical sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film is doubtful “at this moment.”

When questioned about Depp, he said, not at this time. The future is still up in the air. Meanwhile, Bruckheimer, 78, stated that he is attempting to reinvent the almost two-decade-old “Pirates” brand around a new protagonist, preferably played by Margot Robbie. He explained, they are  working on two ‘Pirates’ screenplays. One with her and one without.

Following the decision, many Hollywood sources stated that while Depp may work again, he will not be starring in studio blockbusters.

One senior veteran studio executive said of Depp that no A-list film will sign him like they used to. He was usually a pain in the a&& well before trial. And he’s shown that he’s still a pain in the a&&.

Likewise, a senior talent agent predicted that Depp will find employment in the independently funded world, but not among the $20 million roles that formerly provided him with a wealthy back end, as the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise did.

The agent remarked, Depp! More in the overseas sales paradigm, and perhaps further down the line as a type of character actor in a studio picture with an auteur director who can cast anybody they want.

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