Johnny Depp Claims That Amber Heard Or Her Friend Defecated On His Bed On Purpose.

Johnny Depp testified in the current defamation trial that Amber Heard defecated on their marriage bed. Following a fight with Heard at her birthday party in April 2016, Depp indicated that he intended to get his belongings from their home while she was at the Coachella music festival. His security guy, Sean Bett, cautioned him against it.

According to Depp, he believed it was a good moment for him to go downtown and get some of his belongings out of there, particularly items that were important to him. Bett answered, he doesn’t believe this moment’s a decent opportunity to go. However, the Pirates of the Caribbean star believed it was the greatest moment to go because Heard would be gone for two days.

That’s when he gave Depp an image on his phone of… it was a snapshot of their bed, and on his side of the bed, there was human fecal matter. Depp realized why it wasn’t a good time to go down there, he said in his testimony. Depp claimed he “laughed” when he saw the photo, adding that it was “so strange and so ugly” that he didn’t go down there that day.

Shortly later, Depp broached the subject of divorce with Heard. He promised her that they would not discuss their issues or his accusations of violence throughout the divorce procedures. Heard allegedly brought up the excrement on the bed.

Depp stated in court that Heard “tried to blame everything on the dogs.” When asked why he didn’t think it was the dogs, Depp answered that they’re tiny Yorkies. They weigh roughly 4 pounds apiece. He lived with those dogs for many years, as evidenced by the photos he saw. It wasn’t the dogs. He didn’t think he merited that type of treatment.

The testimonial snippets have gone viral on social media, and individuals are forming their own opinions and conclusions about the case. According to Depp, this episode was a “fitting conclusion to their romance.”

During a prior trial in London’s High Court, the actress sobbed and denied any involvement in the event, according to Marca. “That is unbelievable to me,” Heard remarked, claiming that their dogs had gotten into a fight. During the London trial, Depp stated he wants nothing to do with her and read from a text message he wrote to Heard, “All my love and remorse… I wish you nothing but the best.”

Depp’s $50 million defamation action against Heard is still ongoing in Virginia, as fresh information about their violent relationship emerges with each passing day. As previously reported, Depp stated in his evidence that he was a victim of physical violence at the hands of Heard. Several angry text messages in which Depp referred to Heard as a “filthy wh%*e” were also read out in court.

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