Johnny Depp ‘If I don’t walk away it’s going to be a bloodbath.’ Amber Heard in audio played at trial

On Monday, jurors hearing testimony in Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, paid attention to audio recordings in which he alluded to the violence that could ensue if their arguments escalated.

Depp says on the audio that if he doesn’t go away, the next move… it’s going to be a bloodbath, like it was on the island. In other audio snippets, Depp yells obscenities at his wife, giving her a derogatory term and screams at her, “You stupid f—-.”

As the clips were presented, Depp recoiled on the stand, while Heard tried to hold back tears.Depp is suing Heard for slander in connection with an op-ed piece she penned in 2018. She describes herself as a “public person advocating for domestic abuse.” The tapes were part of Depp’s arduous cross-examination, which finished late Monday morning when he took the stand for a fourth day of testimony over his charges that Heard fraudulently represented him as a domestic abuser.

During cross-examination, Heard’s attorneys proceeded to pepper him with questions concentrating on Depp’s drinking, drug addiction, and tense encounters with Heard during their relationship.Depp really said very little during his hearing on Monday. The majority of the scrutiny was Heard’s lawyer playing audio tapes or reading derogatory text messages received by Depp and asking Depp if he’d read them accurately.
Depp expressed his annoyance with Rottenborn’s questioning during the cross-examination. When Rottenborn stopped one of Depp’s responses, he stated that he  was talking.  When Rottenborn stated that the inquiry had been thoroughly addressed, Depp replied, “as long as you’re pleased.”

Depp also voiced his displeasure when Rottenborn read headlines from a string of scathing pieces published about him, some of which date back to 2014. Deep remarked that all of these are hit pieces. These are rubbish. Rottenborn brought the articles in an attempt to illustrate that the 2018 Post piece at the focus of the lawsuit, rather than a lengthy history of poor behavior, was what harmed his image.While the defamation claim is meant to be about whether Depp was defamed in the article, the majority of the trial has been about the couple’s brief marriage. Depp denies ever hitting Heard, but Heard’s attorneys say that Depp sexually and physically assaulted her and that his denials are invalid since he was frequently intoxicated and high with the end result of passing out.

Depp was last seen in court on Thursday. Heard’s attorneys cited his record of trashing hotel rooms, as well as an incident in which he destroyed a bathroom sconce during an altercation with Heard. Depp is also the subject of a lawsuit brought by a member of a film crew who claims Depp attacked them in 2018.The jury has seen many of Depp’s text messages to pals about his drinking, drug use, and conversations with his then-wife, as well as his letters of apology to Heard and her father. Depp claimed that the claims and the story harmed his reputation, making him a Hollywood pariah and costing him a role in the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” film trilogy.

According to Heard’s attorneys, Depp’s tarnished reputation is the product of his own poor behavior.Since Tuesday afternoon, Depp has been on the stand in Fairfax County Circuit Court. Heard misused narcotics, according to the actor, and she was the one who physically assaulted him. He labeled the drug addiction allegations against him “grossly inflated,” although admitting to using a variety of narcotics.

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