Johnny Depp Trial Sees Body Cam of 911 Call That Marked End of Relationship With Amber Heard.

The cops who attended to the “altercation” that ended Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship have affirmed, and they observed no proof of abuse. The tenth day of the defamation trial centered on the night of Saturday, May 21, 2016, when the former couple allegedly divorced for good.

 On that night, two separate anonymous 911 calls were placed to LAPD regarding an alleged domestic disturbance at the couple’s fancy penthouse residence on Broadway. On Tuesday and Wednesday, three of the policemen who responded to the callouts stated that they never saw Johnny Depp or any proof of a physical assault.Officers Melissa Saenz, Tyler Hadden, and William Gatlin were required to comb over the contents of the extremely brief and otherwise routine call-outs from five years ago over the course of two days of rigorous and occasionally repetitive questioning. All three officers were continually pressed to clarify why they did not look into the claimed crime any further than they did; all three provided the same answer: there was no proof of any wrongdoing.Furthermore, all three claimed Heard and her companions who were present that night were unhelpful, refused to offer any information, and obviously did not want the cops present.

Officer Says Amber Heard Refused Treatment After Responding to Call About Dispute

A second LAPD police officer, who responded to a May 2016 incident between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at a penthouse they shared, testified in a prerecorded testimony that Amber Heard refused medical treatment and did not have any visible injuries.

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Officer Saenz, the first to testify, was questioned why she never completed the extra domestic violence report she had in her vest. She argued that none of the requirements — destroyed furniture, proof of wounds, threats, suspects presumably in possession of guns were there.

Saenz stated that they had a meeting with the victim. They went to the place, but the spouse wasn’t present, and the victim told them she’d just had a disagreement and wouldn’t offer them any further information. Since they didn’t identify any wrongdoing, they gave her a business card and told her she may contact them later if she desired to assist.

Saenz, like her colleagues, said she had no idea the property belonged to Johnny Depp or that he was the one allegedly involved. While all three policemen were aware of Johnny Depp, they were unaware of Amber Heard’s name at the time. All cops concurred that they had been informed there was an argument which is not a crime and that the only thing they could do was hand them a business card and depart.
Officer Saenz stated that none of the individuals there would give their names. The counsel inquired, isn’t it strange? The officer flatly answered no, since there are a lot of people that dislike them.

Officer Hadden, her partner, affirmed when they arrived, Heard was weeping and red-faced, but he assumed the redness was due to emotions and not an injury. While Saenz and Hadden did not record on body cam, Officer Gatlin, who responded to the second 911 call that night, did.Officer Gatlin and his colleague are welcomed at the door by a guy identified as Josh Drew – the ex-husband of Heard’s best friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington — who looks hesitant to let them in. “We need to talk to your wife to make sure…” the officer starts, but Drew cuts him off: “Oh, it’s not my wife.” “Well, whomever it is, could you just step out? We just need to check and make sure they’re all okay,” the officer says.

Drew attempts to lock the door on them and “collect the business card” left by the previous policemen, however the two officers accompanying him persist on following him into the posh flat. They discover Heard on the sofa, accompanied by two female companions. Amber raises her hand when the cops inquire who she is. “And ‘Johnny?'” the officer inquires (the other individual is named on the incident report as ‘Johnny Heard’).Drew concludes for him by stating that he is obviously not there. One of the ladies said that he must have about two hours ago. The policemen depart the residence exactly 50 seconds after entering.

Depp is demanding $50 million in damages after Heard alleged in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 that she was a survivor of domestic violence. While she did not identify Depp in the article, his attorneys claim it was supposed to be about him and harmed his career. Depp was countersued for $100 million. The actor already lost a case in the United Kingdom over the identical piece that was published in The Sun.The preliminary is scheduled to run for six weeks.

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