Kanye West Offered To Quit Career To Become Kim Kardashian’s Full-Time Stylist.

Look no farther than Kanye West’s willingness to give up his profession to become Kim Kardashian’s full-time stylist… as per Kim herself, if you didn’t appreciate or realise the entire depth of Kanye West’s love for Kim Kardashian.

The entire situation is shown in the forthcoming debut episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu, which is expected to air this week. Kim is in her wardrobe, trying on clothing for her forthcoming ‘SNL’ appearance and discussing with a pal about some additional ensembles Kanye had lately chosen for her to wear.

She then says something very catchy that Kanye wants to leave it all and commit his life to becoming her stylist. Both Kim and her buddy laugh it off, but you can see it’s true since Kanye clearly enjoyed dressing Kim.

It’s intriguing since we’ve seen him play stylist in his more recent connections, with Chaney Jones and Julia Fox. Both ladies are dressed nearly entirely in Balenciaga. Jones even donned the same sunglasses Kim wore at a ‘Donda’ listening occasion months previously.

Kanye has been deafeningly quiet since the story of his Instagram suspension for allegedly harassing Kim, Pete, Trevor Noah, and others. His withdrawal from Coachella, where he was scheduled to perform on Sunday night was also disclosed.

Kim is now legally unmarried and working with her own style group, so it will be intriguing to see whether Kanye’s future will continue to combine fashion and music, or if he will find a new muse to shape.

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