“Karen Got Me Fired From A Store That I Never Worked For A Single Day In My Life.”

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So I work at a place where the uniform is a stunningly fashionable red polo with black trim. This occurred at a store where they wear slimming black with lime green trim.

I’m on my way home from work one winter day and decided to stop by the grocery store. As it is winter, I am wearing my winter jacket which is a very vibrant purple, and because it is kind of warm out it’s unzipped to reveal my work shirt. I also have my headphones in, a headband on, and a bright blue shoulder bag. Aka; clearly a customer.

So I’m kneeling down in front of some drinks, pondering which I want to buy when this woman starts getting up in my business. I shuffle over thinking maybe she wants to look at the drinks as well, and start putting a couple in my basket.

Then I hear the dreaded “ExCUSE ME!”

I glance around, hoping she’s going at someone else but to no avail. I look up, pulling out one earbud and say “sorry, am I in your way?” Because my parents raised me to be polite.

“Where’s the coconut oil?”

I just blink and shrug, “I dunno, sorry. Over there maybe?” And I point over toward the baking aisle.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Are you that incompetent at your job?”

Well now I’m pissed. I CLEARLY don’t work there and for the record I’m VERY competent at my job. My job NOT at this grocery store.

“Lady, I don’t work here, go find someone else”

“You’re wearing a uniform, you have to help me!”

“For a store down the street, not here. I don’t have to help you with anything, now leave me alone,” and I start to walk off, but she screams at me as I’m leaving.

“I’m going to report you to your manager!”

To which my mature a** tells her “go for it”

Now I finish up my shopping and am using the self check outs because between work and this Karen I’ve had more social interaction than my introverted a** can handle when I hear

“There she is! That’s her!”

I look around to see who’s screaming and lo and behold there’s Karen and shes dragging this poor sap along with her over to me

“She wouldn’t help me! I want her fired!”

“Ma’am…she doesn’t work here.”

“I don’t care! I want her fired anyway! She’s useless and rude!”

“Ma’am, she doesn’t work here. She works somewhere else. I literally don’t have the authority to fire her,”

“Are you telling me you’re not going to fire her, even though she was rude?!”

At this point me and buddy make eye contact and a moment of understanding passes as it does between fellow retail staff, and I give him a small nod and he signs.

“Very well. Miss, I’m afraid it’s just not working out. I’m going to have to let you go,”

I just nod solemnly, “I understand, I’ll be going now then.” And I gather up my groceries and go to leave, and Karen just has the biggest sh*t eating grin on her face.

And that is the story of how I got fired from a store I never worked at a single day in my life.

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