Karen Judged Him For Using The Lift His Comeback Will Leave You In Stitches.

Being friendly and kind can help us be a better person. So don’t judge anyone for the way they look or their actions. Remove the negativity and comprehend what the other person is going through. (This story was sent to us by Samuel).

Source: Reddit

I was waiting at the elevators, which didn’t take too long since my apartment building is not that big. I get inside and right when the door closes a hand pushes through. She looked like your typical middle-aged Karen.

She presses the 17th floor and she takes one look at my floor, which was on the 2nd. She scoffs, glares at me and says, “The second floor? Really?”

Didn’t take much to piss me off. Her comment was so unnecessary and uncalled for. Who cares if it was the second floor? It’s my decision whether to take the stairs or not. I just finished an overnight shift and I was exhausted.

I guess my exhaustion made me extra moody because when I reached my floor she was scrolling through her phone. I quickly ran my hands through as many buttons as I could and said, “Have fun, karen” right when the door closed.

And because I was extra exhausted, therefore, extra moody and petty, I pressed the up button when the elevator barely reached the 3rd floor so I can use the other elevator and press a bunch of buttons again to further inconvenience her just in case she decided to get off on the 3rd floor to take the other elevator. Take the stairs then if it’s not that big of a deal.

Just don’t be rude to your neighbors for riding the elevators to the 2nd floor. You don’t know if they’re exhausted or if they have non-visible health conditions that make it hard for them to take the stairs. 

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