Karen Thinks This Person Has A “Fake” Service Dog, Gets Put In Her Place.

There are several sorts of service dogs. But not everyone is aware of this. Some individuals are so rude that it baffles us how anybody would want to speak to them. Like this story below, where a person described how they had to deal with a particularly rude lady who accused them of having a ‘fake’ service dog. Read the entire story and tell us what you would do if you were in this situation.

Source: Reddit

I decided to go out for lunch today as I was bored of just sitting in the house doing nothing all day so I went to a pretty nice cafe not too far from mine, I had my service dog with me (she is a seizure alert dog) and I was seated with no issues as she had her vest on.

A lady a couple tables away was kinda staring at us when we came in but didnt say anything, eventually she passed my table and made faces and beckoning noises to my dog, I asked her not to do this as she isn’t supposed to distract a service dog. She responded by asking why I even needed a service dog as she thought they were only for blind people, I explained that she wasn’t a guide dog and that she was infact a seizure alert dog.

She didnt seem to accept this answer but sat down regardless. Throughout my whole meal she was staring at me and eventually my dog yawned as dogs do. This lady was convinced that this was all the evidence she needed as I had told these dogs sit perfectly still and she began accusing me of faking to need a service dog just so I could bring my pet everywhere. I wasn’t really in the mood to go through the whole argument so I told her to stfu and sit down.

This just made her madder as I wasnt providing a valid reason and was instead asking her to shut up. Eventually I signalled the manager who got her to sit down and who apologised on behalf of the cafe.

Normally I would just brush something like this off but I keep thinking I could have handled it better and that I came off as an a**hole.

So please let me Know If I Am A JERK?

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