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Kathie Lee Gifford Isn’t Interested in Reading Kelly Ripa’s Memoir: ‘What’s the Point?’

It’s worth noting that some of the most renowned artistic collaborations, like Rodgers and Hammerstein, battled behind the scenes. This appears to be the situation with Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin as well. Kelly’s new memoir, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories, makes a passing reference to it, but Kathie Lee Gifford isn’t having it.

Kathie Lee said that she would not be reading the book. From 1988 until 2000, Kathie Lee co-hosted Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee. The show was overhauled in 2001, with Kelly replacing Kathie Lee and co-hosting with Regis.

Kathie Lee would rather recall her pal Regis on her terms. She is not going to read the book, she said. She just understands what Regis meant to her. He was the finest professional partner an individual could possibly have for 15 years, but he was also her buddy. Even after she departed the show, the couple remained close. She saw him two weeks before he died, she stated.

When news of Kelly’s memoir and stories about Regis became public, Kathie Lee was extremely sorry to see the headlines. “What’s the point?” she thought, hoping it wasn’t true. She will not talk poorly of Kelly simply since she does not concur with the book. She has never done it before, and she is not going to begin now. Her world is far different from that.

According to Kelly, writing about Regis was the most difficult chapter to write. There were good and horrible days, she explained. She doesn’t want to come out as criticising somebody or being rude. But she also wishes people to realise that it wasn’t easy. It took years for her to earn her place there and the things that are routinely handed to the guys with whom she worked. She liked Regis, and she still does, she wants people to understand.

See Kathie Lee’s entire thoughts on Kelly’s memoir in this video below.

Kathie Lee Gifford Says She Won’t Read Kelly Ripa's Memoir

Kathie Lee Gifford has no plans or desire to read Kelly Ripa's memoir.

Posted by Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, 11 October 2022

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