Kelly Clarkson Refused To Reconcile With Her Dad Even On His Deathbed Revealing How The Pain Of Abandonment Is Never Ending

Singer and talk show host, Kelly Clarkson, is a robust lady who has been very vocal about her life journey. 

She merely was just six-years-old when her father, Stephen Michael, left her behind after his separation from her mother.

Kelly Clarkson

Posted by The Medispa by Matty on Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Clarkson lived with her mother and older brother, Jason. In due course, she grew a larger family when her mother re-married. Though, little Clarkson was eyeing for somewhat further than a new family. She sought her father’s affection. Clarkson reached out to her father hoping to get his love but unfortunately rejection is what she ends up of getting.

Clarkson bowed to music and used it as her passage as she was not capable to cope up with the agony of desertion. When she was 16 year old, Clarkson composed a song Because of You that outlined the impression her father’s disloyalty had on the little girl.  

The lyrics of her song were like “Because of you, I don’t know how to let anyone else in. Because of you, I’m ashamed of my life. Because it’s empty, Because of you, I am afraid”.

Her life transformed years later and she became renowned and made her spot in the world of show business. But her pain of desertion persisted even then. A few years into her accomplishment and recognition, her father reached out to her out of the blues. But Clarkson was yet again wounded to know that it wasn’t paternal love that made him contact her.

She was never scared to hide her wounds and did not reluctant away from talking about her divided association with her father. She acknowledged that we do not understand something is lost until we feel it. She cannot even visualize how her father walks away from her life and can’t envision not having that love any longer and she even didn’t know it was absent because she never had it.

Clarkson learned to living as she stirred on in her life with the emptiness and devote in associations that are worth her time and affection. But she understood that keeping yourself exposed to someone who doesn’t merit you can be harmful and damaging. She said that it is further of that thing where you can try your best to recoup relations but at the end if you keep getting offended by somebody for the reason that they just don’t know how to suitably love people, it’s just not worth it.

Clarkson admitted in 2017 that she was exhausted of trying to reunite with her father.

The thrice Grammy award winner grew much understanding about how some people may certainly not learn to love or admire you and that you have the right to leave them behind. She clarified that she shouldn’t have to work this much tough for someone’s affection. She continued saying that even if it’s not your dad, whosoever it is in your life, if somebody creates such a harmful setting and then just keeps aching you and even if they’re doing it unintentionally and they just don’t know well, you should just not have that person in your life and you go your own way.

Clarkson has gone through so much embarrassment and hurt that when her father was nearing his end, she did not go to see him on his death bed.

Clarkson’s half-brother, Erik Clarkson stated that his father’s last wish was that he sought all of his kids at his side but Clarkson didn’t turn up. He added that she also neglected his cremation. Erik said that his dad wanted to ask her for mercy. He further added that it seems like his dad wanted to clarify to Clarkson what happened with their bond and that he was regretful and wanted pardon.

Clarkson was later vocal like a tough lady who has cured herself. Regardless of the desertion and wounded, Clarkson accepted her father’s death and added she didn’t hate him any longer.

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