Kind Cop Buys Food For Helpless Homeless Man.

We all want to do good. At least, most of us do. And doing good should just be a part of our regular day. And when it gets to the point where you don’t even REALIZE you’re doing good… well, THEN you’re doing great.

No matter where you live, in all liklihood there are homeless people somewhere in your area. It’s just a fact of life, and it’s a sad one at that. Sad that there is such a thing… as being homeless.

One day, Deputy Ken See, with the Bartow County Sheriff’s office in Georgia, stopped at a McDonald’s truck stop in Cartersville for breakfast. James Lifsey was there too, stopping in as well for breakfast. And what James spotted after the officer got there had him taking a few snaps on his phone camera.

A man who appeared to be homeless got in line behind James and waited. When he placed his order, the deputy asked him he would like anything else to go with it. When the man politely said “no thanks,” the deputy paid for his meal. He then told the man to “have a good day and be safe.” And then he left.

James wasn’t really sure what he had just witnessed, so he stopped the deputy on the way out and asked him if he had just paid for that man’s meal. Deputy See said “Yes,” acting as though it was just a regular thing. James shook his hand and said “Thank you.” And the deputy was on his way.

To that deputy, that morning was nothing more or less than any other morning. But James could tell that the man who appeared to be homeless was extremely grateful. He was afforded another meal, and another chance to survive. And he was given more than food. He was given something that all to often seems out of reach for those less fortunate. And that… would be hope.

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