Kind Cop Sits For Lunch With The Homeless Man.

Elizabeth McClain of Jackson, Tennessee, spotted something unusual and posted a picture of it on Facebook.

This is what she wrote to go along with it: “Imagine this: You are sitting on the side of the road and for whatever reason everything you own can fit in a backpack. It’s 42 degrees outside you’re lonely and hungry. You put your head down to try and forget the scream of hunger echoing in your mind. Then, you hear the sound of an engine stop. You look up to see a uniformed officer walking toward you. Your mind flutters thinking of everything you might be doing wrong. Suddenly, this officer sits down pulls out lunch and not only takes away your hunger but your loneliness too.

This is exactly what Patti Crowe Walker and I witnessed on our lunch break today. I don’t know this man or this officer but what I do know is that today they made a difference. A difference in the way I think and hopefully a difference in the way you think as well. I’ve always supported the blue community but something about this officer truly touched my heart. This is the side of law enforcement no one sees. Social media shows the tragedy and hides the testimony. This Sheriff’s deputy made a difference today, and no amount of hatred toward his profession can take that away.

Among all of the troubles in today’s world we all too often forget one important thing: that we are all just human. We are not black or white, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative… we are only human. Everyone deserves love and respect. Everyone deserves to feel important.

Our beliefs or opinions shouldn’t affect how we treat other people. We all need each other and it’s about time we pick ourselves up off ground and start acting like it.

So share this and see if we can show this officer that his act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed, and pay it forward the next time you feel called to show someone love in a world filled with hate.” 

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