Kind Couple Cancels Their Lavish Wedding Plans For This.

Let’s face it… after the wedding, the newly proclaimed husband and wife look forward to one thing….what do you think that is? The honeymoon, of course. It’s a time for romance and intimacy, and sharing laughs and dreams and goals …aaannndddd…. ok, it’s mostly the romance and intimacy thing.

But Mark and Ismini Svensson got married two years ago and, instead of going on a big honeymoon to enjoy each other, the decided to spend that time to help others.

The couple, from New York, wanted to conquer “50 Acts of Giving Back,” which is a challenge they gave themselves to do a random act of kindness in each of the 50 U.S. states.

Some of those missions included: Giving out meals to homeless people in Missouri; Showing some love to rescue animals in Florida; Donating gifts to sick children in Arkansas; and supporting domestic abuse victims in Utah.

Mark and Ismini used the money they had put back for their wedding reception to fund their travels.

Says Ismini: “We both realized that what makes us the happiest is helping people in need.”

Added Mark: “The message is, everyone can do something to make a difference — even if it’s small in their communities, even if it’s just a positive compliment to someone. You never know the impact it can have on another person.” 

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