Kind EMT Helps A Woman To Fulfill Her Dying Wish.

In Laura Mullins’ room there were plenty of miniature lighthouses and several photos of them. Sadly, she had never seen one in real life. And time was running out for the 55-year-old.

Laura was under hospice care, and her nurse, Beverly, wanted to make Laura’s dream come true if she could. She knew her chances were slim but she gave it a shot anyway. She called a local ambulance service and explained the situation… that Laura would really love to see a real lighthouse.

In a very short time, EMTs Brian Costa and Era Koroveshi were at Laura’s home. And, actually, they jumped at the chance to do this for the dying woman. They loaded her onto an ambulance gurney and off they went. They drove for just over an hour until they came to the Scituate Lighthouse in Massachusetts. And even though it was dreadfully cloudy outside, and raining, that lighthouse sure looked beautiful. And it even stopped raining when Laura was taken out of the ambulance.

Laura then asked if Brian and Era could also show her the harbor and let her listen to the waves for a few minutes, and they certainly obliged her.

Brian and Era even took Laura up next to the lighthouse so she could touch it. It was quite an emotional moment for all of them. Her face was glowing, and she told them, “My dream has come true.”

And then, as others walked by and shed some tears as Laura appreciated the wonder of it all, a peace came over her, and she said she was ready to go.

Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller, who owns the ambulance service and accompanied Laura on her ride, said: “To provide someone’s final wish to see a lighthouse, it was really an amazing experience to be a part of that.”

Johnathon did not charge a dime for taking Laura there. 

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