Kind Man Changed This Dog’s Life Forever.

A concerned resident in Bulgaria reported to a dog rescue group seeing a very malnourished dog on the brink of death. When the rescue team arrived at where the dog was, they were heartbroken. That poor dog was clearly in a lot of pain, and need medical help immediately.

She was nearly crippled after months of neglect, and her time out alone on the streets had really taken a toll on her.

Rescuers quickly took her and got her back to the animal center. They got her some food, then gave her a bath. And they showed her more love and affection than she had probably even been given in her short life.

They named her Khalessi, and after a while, she started coming around, reacting to her friends at the rescue center. She spent a lot of time at the vet getting necessary shots and medications, but Khalessi took it all in stride.

A cast was put on her broken leg and after a while, her hair started to grow back. And now, she doesn’t even look like the same dog that rescuers found. Her life has been changed forever.

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