Kind Man Offers Job To A Homeless Man Begging For Change.

25-year-old Ryan Davidson was out on the streets of Newcastle begging for spare change. Then James Minns was walking by him.

Says Ryan: “James was walking past me, so I asked him for spare change. He stopped and seemed like a genuine, nice guy. We chatted for a while and then he said he had a company and could offer me a job — I couldn’t believe it.”

James is actually the owner of a paint-coating company in Newcastle. And a short time earlier had been out to dinner celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife. James could see some good in Ryan, so he offered him the job.

Ryan, who had been out of work for the past 3 years, promised to show up and be ready to work. James later posted about it on Facebook, and he got lots of good feedback.

One responder was Ryan’s aunt, who gave him her nephew’s contact information, since he neglected to get it from Ryan during their encounter. James was then able to contact Ryan and set up a start date and time.

Another responder to the Facebook post was Ian Cutts, a milkman, who offered to pick up Ryan and deliver him to his new job. But Ryan didn’t show up. And James posted about that as well. Several were brought down about the man because of that. But what James and other Facebookers didn’t know was that Ryan had an emergency housing appointment and his cell phone was out of juice. He did, however, show up at work bright and early the very next day.

Says Ryan: “I am so grateful to James. I love my job and everybody has made me feel so welcome. We’re like one big happy family.”

Well, the Facebookers were happy again, and offered whatever they could to help Ryan out. Some of them even set up a fundraising page for him.

Says Ryan: “It has opened my eyes to how generous and kind people can be. I’ve never met anyone like James – he has changed my life completely.”

And, hopefully, Ryan’s life continues on a positive note.

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