Kind Man Walks Her Home After Spotting Her Clinging To A Lamp Post.

Strong, fierce winds were whipping through the downtown area, and an elderly woman named Joanie had to cling to a corner lamp post so she wouldn’t be knocked down.

It was a very scary moment for her. But 25-year-old Dan Barnett, a real estate agent, happened to see her holding on for dear life. So he quickly rushed over to help her. He asked her if she was alright and if she needed a hand.

She told him “yes, please,” so Dan took her by the hand and then put his arm around her to cross the street. He then walked her all the way home, which was only about 5 minutes away.

Joanie had walked out into the windy weather to get some milk and Werther’s Originals candies. She quickly regretted that decision once she reached the store. But, thankfully, Dan was there to help her out.

Says Dan: “She said she wouldn’t have got home without me but I was just happy to help out.”

Joanie appreciated Dan’s act of kindness so much that a day or two later, she showed up at his real estate office with a nice box of chocolates.

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