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Kind men help lady they see paying gas with pennies, not knowing she just lost her husband

It appears that we all are constantly busy and every person is habitually worried only for their own happiness. It’s gloomy how serving each other and those in need turn out to be so sporadic that we are kind of astonished when we hear of people who do nice conducts.

A video of black brothers aiding a woman is going viral on the social media. A gentleman called Simran Jeet Singh shared a video displaying two brothers serving a lady with cash after they saw her using coinages to recompense for gas.

The brothers felt bad for the lady and just recognized that they had to provide a helping hand.

The lady breaks down to tears in the video, saying that she has lost her husband lately. As per Simran Jeet, the brothers had no clue of the lady’s loss and that she was stressed.

After Simran Jeet saw two brothers helping out a woman in need, he decided to capture the act of sympathy.

He further added that how there is a lot of unhelpfulness in the mass media and such videos should be a continuous cue that there are good persons around.

Simran Jeet wishes there to be more of such persons and such pieces of compassion.

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