Kind Officer Paid For Her Gas By His Own Money.

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Today, I drove to Portland to pick up my sister which was followed by a series of interesting events. I drove all the way down, only to find out her train has been delayed. I thought, that’s fine? It happens. So I went to Old Orchard Beach and sat on the beach for 15 minutes when my sister called me and told me her train caught on fire and that she wouldn’t make it in tonight. Again, I thought ok, that’s fine. Stuff happens. 

I went back to my car and decided to get some food, only to find that my wallet had been stolen out of my center console of my car. I only had a quarter of a tank left and it wouldn’t get me back to Bangor which is two hours away from where I am. I panicked and called Old Orchard Beach PD and was blessed to meet the most amazing Police Officer, Sargent Gerard Hamilton! 

He greeted me with with kindness and a smile, and was willing to do whatever he could do to try and find my wallet for me (even though I’m sure he has better things to be doing). Then, the most amazing thing happened. He asked how much gas I had to get back, and I said only a quarter tank but I would make my way home somehow. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and followed me all the way to our local 7/11 and filled up my tank for me with his own money! He even pumped it! He told me he has been an officer for 27 years, and he is the most amazing one I’ve ever met! 

I’m so thankful for his kindness and willingness to help me find something important to me. I had to share this story because it really touched my heart and showed me a little kindness goes a long way. 

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