Kind Samaritan Skips His Job Interview To Rescue Car Crash Victim.

With everything going on in the world today are there any good people out there maybe so. Here are 9 people who will hopefully restore your faith in humanity.

1. 32-year-old Aaron Tucker of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was just a week out of jail and had a job interview. So early that morning he grabbed the dress shirt the halfway house had given him and headed off on a bus.

A ways down the road, the bus driver spotted a car that had just hit a tree and flipped over. Aaron ran out of the bus, kneeled down and unbuckled the driver. He pulled him away from the wreckage and kept telling him, “you’re gonna be ok.”

Moments later, the car was covered in flames. Aaron took off his nice, clean shirt and used it to help stop the driver’s head from bleeding. A few minutes later, firefighters and EMTs arrived. Aaron missed his job interview that day. It was important to him but something else became much more important.

Says Aaron, “… a job can come and go, but a life is one time thing.”

When members of the community heard about his story, they started a GoFundMe page and raised more than $60,000 for him. He also had many job offers to choose from.

2. In Polk County, Georgia, six inmates were on a work detail when the deputy overseeing them passed out from the extremely high humidity. He wasn’t breathing.

Immediately, the six inmates jumped into action, removing his bulletproof vest and performing CPR. Another called 911. After a minute, he was breathing again. Then the ambulance arrived.

The six inmates showed extreme caring and compassion in giving the ultimate help to an officer and the jail applauded their actions.

3. Eileen Eagle Bears was watching the view of a traffic camera from her home when she spotted a stalled truck off the icy highway. The area was 30 minutes from her home, so she saddled up her horse, filled a thermos of coffee and was on her way.

Well, that trucker was sure thankful for Eileen’s hot coffee. Later, the trucker was still stalled, so Eileen brought him some food. And he was real thankful for that, as well.

Fortunately, his truck was towed a short time later.

4. Phoebe Brown is just a little girl of 7. And when she told her mom she found a winning lottery ticket on the floor of a convenience store, her mom treated her just like that… a little girl… believing she didn’t know what she was talking about.

But it was true. The ticket WAS a winning one… worth $100. But instead of spending the money on herself, she donated it to buy food for those who were less fortunate in her community.

Pretty nice gesture, especially since it was just before Thanksgiving.

5. Josette Duran of Albuquerque, New Mexico, started packing two lunches for her son Dylan to take to school.

She thought he was just a hungry, growing boy. But later, he told her the second lunch was for a boy at school who didn’t have any lunch money. Josette also learned that the little boy’s mom was a single mother who had recently lost her job.

When Dylan’s friend’s mom found out what was being done for her son, she tried to pay Josette back. But Josette would have none of that, and, instead donated $400 to the school’s cafeteria so NO child would go hungry at school again.

Mom packs an extra lunch for son's friend & video goes viral

HEARTWARMING: A mother packed an extra lunch for her son's friend for weeks. The woman found out the little boy's mom lost her job and couldn't afford to pay for his school lunches.

Posted by KCCI on Friday, 14 October 2016

6. A shy Jewish woman named Rochel was on a long transatlantic flight when just minutes into it, she heard a young boy shrieking and crying behind her. She quickly realized he was a special needs child riding alone… and he was scared.

So she went back to him and held her hand out to him. He took it. The young African boy took up with Rochel and she quickly was able to ease his tensions by hugging him and doodling on a nausea bag. And the rest of the trip was a piece of cake.

7. Paul and Kamden had been buddies since kindergarten. And Paul did not see Kamden as being different with a disability. But in second grade, Kamden’s wheelchair was just so heavy for him to move around in, and during an outing, Kamden’s wheelchair tipped forward and tossed him out.

Young Paul was horrified, so he made a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy a new and better wheelchair for his good friend. Soon, the goal of $3,000 hit more than $6,000. And Kamden was able to get a nice, customized wheelchair.

8. 29-year-old Elizabeth Anderson-Sierra of Beaverton, Oregon, has hyperlactation syndrome, which means her breasts produce far more milk than the average breast-feeding mom.

Because of this, she has donated more than 5,000 pints of her breast milk to mothers who have difficulty breast-feeding, premature babies, mothers on medications, mothers who have had their breasts removed because of cancer, and gay fathers raising infant children.

And this is truly a labor of lumping because, as all you breast-feeding moms out there know, pumping milk is no fun and it can be very painful. Amazingly, however, Elizabeth does this for up to 10 hours a day to help others, and she still manages to take care of her little daughter, Sophia.

9. Jessica McDaniels of St. Louis was taking a picture of a friend’s proposal when someone else took a picture of her… and posted it on Facebook. It showed the woman smiling, with her teeth jutting out. The photo was shared more than 60,000 times, gathering an incredible amount of cruel comments about her teeth.

That photo and the horrible comments that came with it was spotted by an old high school friend of Jessica’s, and the friend, Krystal Starks, was heartbroken by the terrible words written by some very mean people.

So Krystal started a GoFundMe page so Jessica would be able to have her teeth fixed. But that would actually not be necessary, as two local surgeons, after hearing about the terrible ridicule Jessica was enduring, stepped up and offered her their services to fix her teeth… for free.

And now Jessica, a single mother of two, is still the same old Jessica, she says. But now she will ALWAYS have something to smile about.

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