Kind Stranger Pays Off Single Mom’s Student Loan.

Sometimes, we all have to rely on the kindness of strangers. Usually, it’s small acts such as letting a frazzled mother get in line in front of us, jump starting someone’s car, or helping someone up who has fallen over. But once-in-a-while, the kindness of strangers goes far beyond what we could ever imagine, and here are 10 stories of anonymous strangers who surprised the world big time.

1. After reading an article online about the financial hardships people were facing over the holiday season, one generous stranger felt compelled to help and became one mother’s very own secret Santa.

Starlie Becote, of Rhode Island, was a single mother of 5 with over $35,000 in student loans. She told a reporter that due to her massive debt, she couldn’t afford to buy her children even a single Christmas present that year.

When a man from Canada read the online article, he couldn’t sit back and do nothing. So, in an act of true Christmas spirit, he sent Starlie not only enough money to pay off her loans but included an extra $5,000 for other expenses.

2. We all daydream about what we’d do if we won that lottery: go on a dream vacation, buy a mansion, or a luxury yacht. But you probably never imagined giving away the winning ticket. Yep. That’s exactly what one lottery winner did.

In December of 2016, the Saint Anthony’ Shrine Church in Boston received an anonymous donation of one winning lottery ticket, worth $100,000.

The church had recently been burgled so the money was very much in need, and it was put toward their work feeding and providing community outreach services to the less fortunate and homeless.

3. Valentine’s Day can be a rough day for lonely singles, and even tougher when you’re a teenager in high school. But for all the girls at Edmond High School in Oklahoma, one boy made sure none of them would go home empty-handed on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

The teenage Romeo ordered cards and candy for all single female students at the school -all 1,076 of them!

In order to afford all that romance, the student had worked throughout his days off the previous summer.

4. A photo of a stunning diamond ring went viral when it was posted on social media by a loving daughter whose father had recently passed away. The ring was chosen by the social media user and his father as a gift for his wife’s 25th wedding anniversary. He had been paying it off weekly before he unexpectedly passed away.

So, when his daughter received a phone call saying that she could come and collect the ring, she couldn’t quite believe it.

An anonymous stranger had gone into the store and paid off the rest of the balance on the ring. Truly a gift from an angel.

5. For most families, watching your child take their first steps is a very special but expected milestone. For Lamitta El-Roz’s family, that was a milestone they weren’t so sure they would ever get to experience.

Lamitta was born with spastic cerebral palsy and the condition was preventing her from walking, crawling or rolling over on her own due to the damaged nerves in her lower spine.

When her parents learned of a surgery that could help Lamitta, they didn’t hesitate. But the medical bills were enormous, and it was a constant concern: they would be paying over $140,000, and they needed a miracle. And that’s exactly what they got.

An anonymous stranger stepped forward and gave the family a check for $60,000 -nearly half of the massive medical bills.

6. Saving for the holidays can be a big strain on most families, which is perhaps why so many use the layaway options offered by many stores. For families in the town of Everett, Pennsylvania, using the local Walmart layaway may have been one of the best decisions they ever made.

That’s because for several years in a row, an anonymous stranger has chosen to pay off all of their remaining balances.

For the past two years, the generous secret Santa has paid off more than $86,000 of layaway balances, giving over 200 families a very merry Christmas indeed.

7. It’s a sad reality but food banks are becoming more and more common today… Sad because they’ve become such a vital necessity. It’s an important service for communities in need and one that relies not only on volunteers and food donations, but on donations to cover the food bank building’s mortgage.

For a food bank in West Kelowna, however, paying the mortgage off is no longer a concern. That’s because of one very kind-hearted donor, who gave the food bank a check for $190,000, stipulated that it be used for paying off the mortgage.

That means that the previous monthly mortgage costs of $1,800 can now be put toward providing for the community needs even more.

8. For growing children, the importance of being well-fed and nourished throughout their education has been long documented. Which is why what one Iowa donor did is so important.

In the Johnston Community School District, many of the young elementary school students were finding themselves in debt. Their families were struggling to pay off the fees for even reduced cost lunches, due to financial struggles.

So when an anonymous donor gave the school district £13,250 to wipe clean the debts of 148 students, families were overjoyed.

9. When innovation and generosity come together, the result is always something quite moving. Which is exactly what happened in the city of Hail, Saudi Arabia when one man got inspired.

After witnessing the many poor people of the city begging on the streets for food, the anonymous man decided to install a fridge outside of his house that they could come to for food.

He would place leftover or extra food inside the fridge and encouraged his local community to do the same.

After a passerby posted a photo of the fridge on social media it went viral and the idea even inspired similar set ups across the world.

A truly inspired act of kindness that all of us can learn from.

10. Alex Davis was 26-weeks pregnant and she and her partner were struggling for money. Alex was at a local gas station after scraping together $10 for gas.

While waiting in line, she spoke to her fiancé on the phone, explaining how she’d put the money together so she could get to work the next day. Also in line in front of her was a local county sheriff’s deputy, who happened to overhear her conversation.

When Alex reached the clerk, she was told that no money was needed, as the officer had already paid for her gas. Alex reached out on social media, sharing her story in hopes of finding out who the officer was to personally thank him.

But her gas station donor wanted to remain anonymous, only commenting that he hoped others would be inspired to pay it forward as well. 

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