Kind Trucker Saves The Motorist Life.

When Bob first spotted a runaway car swerving all over the place on the 82 in Dunburtonshire, Scotland, he thought there was just an idiot driving in front of him. He would later find out that he was very wrong.

But this car was weaving back and forth across the line so much, that Bob thought the driver was going to kill someone. He even got on his truck’s radio and told listeners as much. The driver was going off the road and back on, missing trees by mere inches.

Bob honked his horn to warn oncoming motorists and to try to get the driver’s attention, but it didn’t seem to phase the person at all. He wondered if the driver was drunk…. or was there some health issue plaguing the person.

Finally, after a harrowing 4 minutes, Bob took matters into his own hands. He hit the gas and pulled around to the front of the car, causing the driver to slow down and stop. Bob quickly ran over to him and realized he was in a complete daze. So he gave him some water and cookies to see if that would help.

Another motorist stopped and called for police and an ambulance. That driver was an elderly man who was suffering from low blood sugar. Bob stayed with him for an hour while medics worked on him and he started getting his senses back. He later phoned Bob from his hotel room to thank the trucker who was able to make him stop. 

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