Kitten Adopts A Litter Of Puppies After Losing Her Own Kittens. The Puppies Had Been Rejected By Their Mom.

This story is both unusual and very touching. A cat, simply named Miss Kitty, gave birth to a litter of kittens. Unfortunately, the whole litter did not survive after birth, leaving Miss Kitty yearning for younglings to take care of.

Over at a neighbor’s house, a dog, Smoochy, gave birth to a litter of puppies on her own. This time, the puppies were perfectly healthy, but for reasons that remain unclear, Smoochy ignored her own children. She would even hit them with her chain, and ignoring their cries for milk.

Miss Kitty may have heard those cries, as the neighborhood found out that she adopted all of the puppies and took them in as her own. She was given orphaned kittens and added them to her new extended family too.
Thankfully, veterinarians confirmed that Miss Kitty could nurse these puppies, and so she has a lifetime to look forward to as a foster mother.

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