Lady Brings Down Karen To Where She Belong With An Perfect Reply.

Being kind, caring, loving and respecting others can make one’s day and life so happy and peaceful. But at times to teach a person a lesson we need to give a taste of their own actions or words. Read this story and you will applaud the old lady’s reply to the person with the wrong attitude. 

Source: Reddit

So for context I live in a city that was ranked one of the top places in the US to retire. So an older person asking small favors from strangers is super common.

This happened yesterday. I was shopping at Wal-Mart and a tiny little old lady (who I am guessing was in her 90’s) ask me “Excuse me can you please grab that bag of flower for me?” I said “Sure” grabbed and put in the kid seat of her kart so the cashier can scan it without having to lift it.

She thanked me and we chatted for maybe 30 seconds.

Then behind me I hear a different woman’s voice, who sounded annoyed. “Ok you have spent enough time on her, where is the coffee creamer?”

I turned and said, “What?” As soon as I saw her face, it dawned on me, that I am going to have a Karen moment. Also super common in my area.

The Karen says, “It’s your job to help all the customers not just her.”

The old lady says, “He doesn’t work here, he is just helping an old lady because his parents raised him right.”

There was a noticeable pause. Then the old lady just turned and walked away. In my head she was strutting off with a half finished cigarette in mouth and pixelated sunglasses. Walking into the sunset while the Mandalorian end credits music plays.

Not sure if this is a “you had to be there moment” but I have been laughing ever since.

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