“Lady Couldn’t Just Accept I Was A Parent Not A Private Caretaker.”

Source: Reddit

I was with my kids (boy 5 has special needs, girl 1.5) wasting time looking at books at a large box store when a lady struck up a conversation. I’m a chatty southerner so I engaged in the conversation.

During the chat she asked me how I got my job.

Me: my job? (Curious bc I hadn’t told her I was a nurse) Oh, I went to school for it and then took boards.

Lady: oh, did you go for special education?

Me: uh, no, nursing. Why do you ask? (There would be no way she knew I was a nurse)

Lady: oh, I was wondering how I get a gig like this. (Gestured to my kids)

Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lady: well, I want to take care of retarded kids so I can keep my grand baby with me. What company do you work for?

Me: what do you mean “retarded” kids? And taking care of them? These are my kids.

Lady: no, I understand that one is yours (my daughter is a spitting image of me), but that one is your patient.

Me: no, not my patient, my son.

Lady: oh, I see. You don’t want me taking your job. I’m sure there are other kids like him that need caretakers.

Me: no, this is my actual son. I gave birth to him. It’s also rude to use the R word especially to my son and me.

Lady: oh, I didn’t mean it like that, I just want an easy job that I can take my grandkid with me.

Me: ma’am, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m an RN and this is my kid and I’m not at work. Please just leave us alone.

Lady: well if you’re gonna be like that I guess I won’t talk to you any more. (She turned around and stomped off)

This was 16 years ago and my son is now 21 and a pretty cool dude. Thankfully we haven’t had too many run-ins with idiots that think it’s ok to use the R word in front of my son.

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