Lawyer SHARES His Client’s Story On Facebook That Is Going Viral.

Source: Facebook

This is my client. He spent some time on the other side of the law and on the other side of some bars, causing him to have to give up custody of his son.

After that experience his dream was to work at Sports Authority. He filled out the application and told them about his past, and assumed he wouldn’t get the job, so he left with his mother and went and applied at Burger King where he heard he may have a better chance.

As he was walking through the parking lot of Burger King, Sports Authority called his mother’s cell phone (because he didn’t have one), and asked him to come in for an interview. They gave him a job and based on his intelligence and work ethic, his manager encouraged him to go to college.

So he went and got his AA and then his bachelor’s degree and then he went to law school and passed the bar.

Today I drove to Palm Beach to tell him that he had been admitted to the Florida Bar.

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